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    Learn Malay Language Course Singapore

    In the Malay Archipelago region in Southeast Asia, a distinct group known as “the Malay people” speak the Malay language. The Malay language is known as Bahasa Malaysia, and ethnic languages are named according to the states in Malaysia, i.e. Bahasa Malaysia Perak, Bahasa Malaysia Kelantan, etc. Similarly, the Malay language in Indonesia is Bahasa Indonesia.

    Our Course Focus on Conversational and Practical aspects of the language – Understanding how to converse and communicate effectively in the Malay Language

    • Phonetic Exercises
    • Develops conversational skills in Malay
    • Learn more than 400 vocabulary
    • Learn basics of Malay & Grammar Rules
    • Know about Malay Culture
    basic malay language course

    Course Outline-

    Course Outline for Coversational Malay Language – Basic Level

    Session 1: Introduction to Malay Language

    • Introduction to Malay language and phonics.
    • Greetings and common salutations.

    Session 2: Numbers and Time

    • Learning numbers in Malay, including their use in counting.
    • Stating time and days of the week.

    Session 3: Everyday Conversations

    • Learning nouns and pronouns.
    • Applying nouns and pronouns in conversations.
    • Talking about oneself and others.

    Session 4: Food and Beverage

    • Vocabulary related to food and beverages.
    • Applying food and beverage vocabulary in basic or intermediate restaurant orders.

    Session 5: Transportation (public or otherwise) and Travel

    • Basic transportation-related phrases.
    • Asking for and giving directions for basic or intermediate travel.

    Session 6: Shopping and Trade

    • Vocabulary for everyday shopping and trade.
    • Discussing prices and payments.

    Session 7: Health and Body Conditions

    • Basic health terms.
    • Asking and expressing feelings and body conditions.

    Session 8: Culture and Traditions

    • Understanding some Malay cultural practices and traditions.
    • Recognizing and understanding important celebrations.
    • Applying an understanding of Malay culture and traditions in social conversations.

    Session 9: Entertainment and Leisure Activities

    • Discussing hobbies and basic or intermediate recreational activities.
    • Giving comments or opinions on movies and music at a basic or intermediate level.

    Session 10: Free Oral Conversations and Final Evaluation

    • Participants engage in group activities through role-playing in free conversations.
    • Evaluating participants’ speaking skills.
    • Establishing the next steps in learning spoken Malay.
    malay lessons for beginners

    Who this course is for?

    At Inspilingua, you would have the opportunities to learn the Malay language and culture through the various Malay language programs, as well as receive all assistance and enquiries that you might have regarding the Malay language and culture.

    • Anyone who want to stay Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia for a while
    • Who want to learn the basic Malay/ Indonesian Language ( Bahasa Malaysia / Indonesian )
    • New language lovers

    Learn Conversational Malay Course - Speak With Ease And Confidence

    With the use of phonetic exercises, students will learn proper pronunciation of the Malay language, as well as, speaking in the correct Malay accent. These Malay classes aim to develop students’ conversational skills and appreciation for Malay. Students will be able to seamlessly converse by delivering simple sentences and honing a vocabulary of at least 400 words. Hence, at the end of the course, students will be able to construct basic sentences with proper grammatical structure.

    basic conversational malay course
    malay language lessons

    Learn from expert teachers

    Our Malay teachers are native speakers who would share their extensive knowledge and offer a wide range of insights into the Malay language and culture. Let us introduce them to you.

    Book Best Malay Language Course Singapore

    Call us to book yourself place for our classes at the club. Or write to us by contact form.

    If you want to learn Malay Language Course in Singapore, you are on right place. Our Malay language teacher is native and specialised for the Malay Language. You can choose your slot for the class and book your seat. Our teacher focus on each student and make the class interactive.

    We have divided our course according to your level. Come to our center and choose your course and schedule. You can join the class with Private Tuition or public class. Our teacher for the Malay Language focus more on the oral expression, and also teach grammar and vocabulary. Somme activity like reading Malay newspapers, listening and understanding the Malay songs and enjoy the Malay movies.

    Who should learn Malay Language Lessons Singapore

    This Malay language course Singapore is ideal for those who want to learn Malay for traveling, business, studies without having any basic knowledge.

    • Who wants to do business in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia
    • Who wants to do work in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia
    • Who wants to participate in the Malay community
    • Who wants to expand the network in Malaysia & Singapore
    malay language lessons

    Basic Course Schedule

    Course Start Date Course End Date Schedule Time Day of the Week Total Number of Physiacl Lession Total Duration Month
    21-Nov-2023 20 Dec 2023 Evening(2 hours) Tuesday & Friday 10 2.5 Months
    Very nice experience of Chinese course. The teachers are experienced and friendly. The staff there are super helpful in terms of scheduling.
    Hui Fang
    I have been learning Spanish at Lingo for some time now, and have enjoyed every lesson with them. The classes are fun, interactive and engaging.
    Eric Li
    The teacher is very dedicated and patient. Materials are well thought out. My trainer was always ready to answer all questions. I would definitely recommend Inspilingua.
    Chuan Kee Ang

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