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    Learn French Language Course Singapore

    Our French Group Courses are designed for students who want to focus mainly on developing their French conversation skills, in an interactive setting. French Language Course designed to comprehend topics and lexis. Moreover, you will learn grammatical concepts to enhance your prowess in the French language. After completion of the course, you will be able to write a variety of texts.

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    Course Outline-

    Basic - 10 Sessions / 20 Hours

    • Topic 1: Learn how to Greet anyone and introduce yourself in French
    • Topic 2: Learn Alphabets & Words
    • Topic 3: Learn how to introduce family members to others in French
    • Topic 4: Nouns – feminine, masculine, singular, plural
    • Topic 5: The verbs ‘être’, ‘avoir’ in the present tense
    • Topic 6: Articles – definite and indefinite.
    • Topic 7: Adjective agreement in gender and number
    • Topic 8: Learn how to tell about your hobbies
    • Topic 9: Learn Date, Time, Days of the week
    • Topic 10: Learn about shapes, colors, size

    Intermediate - 10 Sessions / 20 Hours

    • Topic 1: Learn how to talk about weather
    • Topic 2: Learn about currency & shopping
    • Topic 3: Verbs in ‘ER’
    • Topic 4: Etre and Avoir
    • Topic 5: Prepositions of place
    • Topic 6: Learn how to express feelings & emotions
    • Topic 7: Learn about body parts
    • Topic 8: Learn how to write an email or a letter
    • Topic 9: Learn how to tell stories
    • Topic 10: Learn how to ask any question

    Advanced - 10 Sessions / 20 Hours

    • Topic 1: Learn how to express your opinion in French
    • Topic 2: Learn how to accept or refuse
    • Topic 3: Learn how to Express obligation, possibilities and restrictions
    • Topic 4: Learn how to express empathy and sympathy
    • Topic 5: Group Discussion – Recycling, The Environment, New Technologies
    • Topic 6: Learn how to debate- Politics, Social Issues, Consumerism
    • Topic 7: Translation from French to English
    • Topic 8: Reading Newspaper & Magazine
    • Topic 9: Learn how to summarize and report information
    • Topic 10: Learn the etiquette of business
    french lessons for beginners

    5 reasons to learn French Language Classes

    • For the pleasure of learning a beautiful language
    • To discover the French culture, language and idioms
    • To seek professional opportunities or career growth
    • To communicate with your French friends or colleagues
    • To get by when you travel : 29 countries officially speak French ! It’s about 300 millions people

    Who Should Learn French Classes

    This Basic French language course Singapore is ideal for those who want to learn French for traveling, business, studies without having any basic knowledge

    Your French Language Lessons School In Singapore

    Inspilingua is a language school specialized in teaching French for non native and native speakers. Our teachers are native speakers of the French language and have been specially selected to provide the most memorable experience for you.

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    Book French Language Lesson Singapore

    Call us to book yourself place for our classes at the club. Or write to us by contact form.

    If you want to learn French Language Course in Singapore, you are on right place. Our French language teacher is native and specialised for the French Language. You can choose your slot for the class and book your seat. Our teacher focus on each student and make the class interactive.

    We have divided our course according to your level. Come to our center and choose your course and schedule. You can join the class with Private Tuition or public class. Our teacher for the French Language focus more on the oral expression, and also teach grammar and vocabulary. Somme activity like reading French newspapers, listening and understanding the French songs and enjoy the French movies.

    french for beginners

    Learn from expert teachers

    Our French lessons for beginners are facilitated by expert French teachers who are committed to providing a learning experience that matches your needs and goals.

    Our teachers support you with a personalised study plan and give you direct feedback to help you accelerate your progress."

    Excellent learning materials: You wouldn’t need to buy any extra learning materials; we provide all pdf and Notes files

    Very nice experience of Chinese course. The teachers are experienced and friendly. The staff there are super helpful in terms of scheduling.
    Hui Fang
    I have been learning Spanish at Lingo for some time now, and have enjoyed every lesson with them. The classes are fun, interactive and engaging.
    Eric Li
    The teacher is very dedicated and patient. Materials are well thought out. My trainer was always ready to answer all questions. I would definitely recommend Inspilingua.
    Chuan Kee Ang

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