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    Learn Japanese Language Course Singapore

    Inspilingua Language School is one of the most popular Japanese language schools here for their comprehensive and accessible classes in Singapore. This course aims to introduce proper speech and pronunciation, and also allows students to carry out conversations in Japanese language following grammatical rules and proper sentence structures. Students are able to proceed from level 1 up to level 3 to improve their conversational ability.

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    Course Outline-

    Basic - 10 Sessions / 20 Hours

    • Lesson 1: Introduction to the language. Self-introduction. Professions, Nationality. Greetings of the day.
    • Grammar: ‘Sub ha Info desu.’ Use of particle ‘no’. siffix ‘Jin’
    • Lesson 2: Nos. 1~ 100. Age. Telephone number. Colours
    • Grammar: ‘N ga suki desu’, counter ‘sai’ Asking and telling ‘Denwa Bangou’
    • Lesson 3: Numbers 101 ~1000, Months, days
    • Grammar: ‘kyou ha nichiyoubi desu’, How to make past tense , Negation, Counter ‘gatsu’,’youbi’
    • Lesson 4: Numbers 1001~ 10000, Days of the month, date
    • Grammar: Asking and telling birthdate, How to split bigger numbers, counter’nichi’
    • Lesson 5: Objects near me
    • Grammar: demonstrative pronoun.’kore,sore,are’
    • Lesson 6: Requesting an object.
    • Grammar: ‘N wo kudasai’,’N ha ikura desuka?’
    • Lesson 7 State Verbs to describe existence Grammar: ‘koko,soko,asoko’ , ‘N ga arimasu/ imasu’
    • Lesson 8 Prepositions. Describing my surrounding e.g room, school etc.
    • Grammar : ‘ Place ni obj ga arimasu’
    • Lesson 9 Body parts. Related adjectives
    • Grammar: ‘N ga itai desu’ , ‘A ha B ga adjective desu’
    • Lesson 10 My family. Talking about family, Personalities
    • Grammar: ‘ ga jouzu desu’ counter ‘nin’

    Intermediate - 10 Sessions / 20 Hours

    • Lesson 1: Revision with A. Emotions. Adjectives
    • Grammar: ‘kyou ha dou desu ka’
    • Lesson 2 Weather vocabulary
    • Grammar: ‘Tenki ha dou desu ka’. Describing local weather
    • Lesson 3 Telling time. Movement verbs
    • Grammar: ‘Counter ji’,Particle ‘ni’,’he’, ‘ima nanji desu ka’
    • Lesson 4 Action verbs.
    • Grammar: ‘nikki’, particle ‘ni’, ‘de’, ‘to’
    • Lesson 5: Action verbs
    • Grammar: ‘request’,’permission’, present continuous form
    • Lesson 6: Wish and desire
    • Grammar: Stem form of the verb, ‘tai’, ‘hoshii’
    • Lesson 7: Introduction to script , Kanji writing ( numbers, directions, exit etc.)
    • Lesson 8: Going somewhere with some purpose
    • Grammar: ‘place he purpose ni ikimasu’
    • Lesson 9: Situational Conversation + evaluation
    • Lesson 10: Situational conversation + evaluation

    Advanced - 10 Sessions / 20 Hours

    • Lesson 1: Learn how to complain of anything
    • Lesson 2: Learn how to ask anyone may i take a picture
    • Lesson 3: Learn how to tell the time
    • Lesson 4: Learn how to invite formally in Japanese
    • Lesson 5: Learn how to gratitude or apologize anyone
    • Lesson 6: Translation from English to Japanese
    • Lesson 7: Translation from Japanese to English
    • Lesson 8: Reading Newspaper & Magazine
    • Lesson 9: Talk & Discussion on cultural
    • Lesson 10: Learn how to write essay in Japanese

    Basic Course Schedule

    Course Start Date Course End Date Schedule Time Day of the Week Total Number of Physiacl Lession Total Duration Month
    14 Nov 2023 29 Jan 2024 Evening(2 hours) Monday & Wednesday 20 2.5 Months

    Intermediate Course Schedule

    Course Start Date Course End Date Schedule Time Day of the Week Total Number of Physiacl Lession Total Duration Month
    14 Feb 2024 29 Apr 2024 Evening(2 hours) Monday & Wednesday 20 2.5 Months
    japanese language training

    Who should learn Japanese Classes Singapore

    This Japanese language course Singapore is ideal for those who want to learn Japanese for traveling, business, studies without having any basic knowledge.

    Why to learn Japanese language

    • Develops proficiency in accomplishing tasks in Japanese
    • Understand Japanese culture effectively
    • Communicate with people in a better way
    • Allows you to grab a job opportunity in Korea

    Best Japanese Language Training Singapore

    To help you learn Japanese to the best of your abilities, we have assembled an expert team of qualified teachers. Professionally trained to teach Japanese, their qualifications underline their expertise in the language. At Inspilingua, you will be in a good environment to grow and learn Japanese language.

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    Japanese Language Course Instructors

    Our Native Japanese Teachers are highly qualified, with most being a Bachelor or Masters holder, and certified to teach Japanese as a foreign language. Our teachers are bilingual in Japanese and English. They are able to explain the lessons in English. There is no communication problem as our teachers are fluent in English.

    Book Japanese Language Lesson Singapore

    Call us to book yourself place for our classes at the club. Or write to us by contact form.

    If you want to learn Japanese Language Course in Singapore, you are on right place. Our Japanese language teacher is native and specialised for the Japanese Language. You can choose your slot for the class and book your seat. Our teacher focus on each student and make the class interactive.

    We have divided our course according to your level. Come to our center and choose your course and schedule. You can join the class with Private Tuition or public class. Our teacher for the Japanese Language focus more on the oral expression, and also teach grammar and vocabulary. Somme activity like reading Japanese newspapers, listening and understanding the Japanese songs and enjoy the Japanese movies.

    Benefits of learning Japanese language -

    1. Japanese culture is celebrated worldwide for its unique mix of cutting-edge modernity and time-honoured traditions. Our Japanese lessons will allow you to further appreciate all aspects of its culture: art, food and even day-to-day happenings.

    2. Japan is, and has been since the 1960s, an economic behemoth within the Asia-Pacific. Attending Japanese lessons in Singapore will give you a huge competitive advantage to joining these renowned Japanese companies, yet another reason to learn Japanese with us.

    3. Becoming fluent in Japanese could also lead to further opportunities, for job seekers, employees and business owners. Being able to communicate smoothly in Japanese with potential employers or business partners will do you many favours.

    japanese for beginners course
    Very nice experience of Chinese course. The teachers are experienced and friendly. The staff there are super helpful in terms of scheduling.
    Hui Fang
    I have been learning Spanish at Lingo for some time now, and have enjoyed every lesson with them. The classes are fun, interactive and engaging.
    Eric Li
    The teacher is very dedicated and patient. Materials are well thought out. My trainer was always ready to answer all questions. I would definitely recommend Inspilingua.
    Chuan Kee Ang

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